Benefits of pomegranate: use them for your health and well-being

If there is a food that satisfies the needs of him and her, it is the pomegranate. In recent times it has been discovered that this fruit, thanks to the presence of antioxidants, phytoestrogens and fatty acids, has a strong rebalancing and immunostimulating action, with specific values in women and men, which helps in the prevention and treatment of tumors: In women, pomegranate regulates mood swings typical of menopause and strengthens bones. In addition, with its virtuous polyphenols, including punicalagin, it has found a place in the therapeutic armamentarium of breast cancer: this is revealed by a study by Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. And the men? According to research by the Brazilian University of Campinas, the extract obtained from its peel has the power to inhibit the proliferation and migration of malignant cells that cause prostate cancer.

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