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Agricola Gloria srl distributes top quality fruit and vegetables from every part of the world.
The market constantly demands produce and innovations, so we are always on the lookout for good partners with whom to establish lasting and profitable relationships.
The plant is strategically located in central Italy and built to be a logistic hub and a important reference point for the worldwide.

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Large warehouse
28,000 square meter

The warehouse equipped with eight isothermal cells with a controlled atmosphere with refrigerated anticell for a current area of 5,899 square meters.

Of these:

  • two are customs that can be used for the storage of goods still in the foreign state (extension of the Port of Livorno);
  • one can be used for frozen with the possibility of falling to temperatures up to – 20 degrees with a direct expansion system.

In addition to the above, two new generation pressure cells are available for the maturation of bananas with programmable air exchange system ECO TOP TURN – REVERSIBLE AREA FLOW and two-way ventilation that allows the directional change of airflow in order to allow a more homogeneous maturation.
The warehouse is structured to accommodate the installation of a further six maturation cells and a further 10,000 square meters of isothermal cells with a controlled atmosphere.


The DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) authorization for the two customs cells also provides for the possibility of transferring containers from the port of Livorno to A3 and consequently the goods can be moved and reach the warehouse without the need to issue transit T/1 and carry out all the health checks (FITO and AGECONTROL) directly in stock, avoiding handling at the Port Terminal and thus saving the costs attached.

Pallet reconditioning

The companycarries out processing services ereconditioning pallets.

Packaging line

The company
it also has packaging lines
for numerous formats, nets, trays etc.

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