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The avocado, it’s now well known, is the super fruit that is good for your health, it is not a source of carbohydrates but it is a source of healthy fats! This fruit contains oleic acid, found in both avocados and olive oil, which belongs to the monounsaturated fats known to be good for the heart, brain and arteries and has satiating properties. Avocado also provides Omega6 and a small amount of Omega3. The avocado is also characterised by its content of minerals, vitamins and other antioxidant elements. In fact, numerous health-saving substances are present, such as carotenoids (first and foremost, beta-carotene), tocopherol (or vitamin E), a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant, i.e., only assimilated when accompanied by fats/lipids, and beta-sitosterol, a substance that helps reduce levels of ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol.
In addition to potassium, the minerals in avocados include bone-saving calcium and magnesium necessary for the muscles, heart and brain. Among the vitamins, B vitamins, which are satiating, regenerating for the nervous system and anti-stress, are present in important quantities. Avocados are also a source of choline (an anti-cholesterol substance and useful for memory) and lutein (an antioxidant that protects eyes and eyesight).
The avocado is therefore a fruit that offers numerous benefits and, despite being very fatty and high in energy, even has slimming properties that make it a powerful ally for those on low-calorie diets. Moreover, let us recall its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which mean that it can effectively combat abdominal fat (the elimination of which is difficult precisely because of the inflammatory states that abdominal fat itself produces) as well as excess free radicals and, consequently, the cellular ageing process. Thanks to its high potassium content, moreover, this fruit is useful in cases of hypertension, as well as in retention and cellulite, protecting the cardiovascular system and draining the lymphatic system. Avocado is also useful for those suffering from poor digestion and those with a sluggish intestine as its fibres combat constipation.

Agricola Gloria Srl has collected this information published on various websites, and its sole purpose is to disseminate health advice and promote good practices in the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit. It doesn’t in any way represent a cure and doesn’t replace medical advice, which should always be consulted before embarking on any dietary regimen.

Agricola Gloria Srl, has always marketed this precious and beneficial fruit, an effective aid to the health of us all for a very long time, selecting the best producers from all over the world.

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