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In these long hot summers, the skin and hair are constantly threatened by heat and the debilitating action of frequent washing. To protect the scalp from external aggression and not pay the bill in autumn with dryness and loss of hair shine, or with more hair loss than is physiological, nature comes to our aid with precious seasonal fruits such as peaches. Vitamins, minerals and many other beneficial substances – that’s the treasure trove of peaches! Whether it is the common peach – characterised by a thin skin and white or yellow flesh – or the nectarine – with a smooth skin – one can only praise the qualities of this fruit.
The peach gathers a very rich combination of water, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in just a few grams of weight, useful for helping the body to cope with the scorching heat. As already mentioned, it is also excellent for the health of our hair, preventing damage caused by ultraviolet rays and saltiness, which deposits on the cuticle (the hair’s coating) and threatens its integrity. The benefits of the fruit, in this case, are linked to beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. A natural antioxidant and stimulator of cell regeneration, vitamin A synthesised by the body from the carotenoid protects skin and hair from UV rays and counteracts the oxidation of melanin. Composed of 90 per cent water, peaches also help prevent dehydration of the hair shaft and, with minerals and vitamin C, provide the roots with the right amount of oxygen and nutrients, promoting the proper functioning of microcirculation, which can be impaired by heat.

Agricola Gloria Srl has collected this information published on various websites, and its sole purpose is to disseminate health advice and promote good practices in the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit. It doesn’t in any way represent a cure and doesn’t replace medical advice, which should always be consulted before embarking on any dietary regimen.

Agricola Gloria Srl, has always marketed this precious and beneficial fruit, an effective aid to the health of us all for a very long time, selecting the best producers from all over the world.

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