Ripenning Rooms

Azzano San Paolo (Bergamo/Italy) warehouse

Leader in fruit ripening and distribution at national level Agricola Gloria srl is not only quantity, but also quality, efficiency and attention to the environment. The company is one of the largest and most important ripening centres in Italy of the latest generation facilities and a plant designed for a future-oriented vision.

With a covered warehouse of over 8,000 square metres, equipped with 42 banana ripening cells for a capacity of 65,000 cartons and 10 refrigerated fruit storage cells, Agricola Gloria srl is one of the largest ripening centres in Italy. Although the company’s flagship product is bananas, Agricola Gloria srl markets a wide range of fruit and vegetables from all over the world. The company currently handles more than 40,000 tonnes of bananas per year and Agricola Gloria srl is also expanding its packaging sector using innovative, state-of-the-art lines.

The numbers

  • 8,000 square metres of warehouse
  • 52 cells (42 ripening and 10 storage)
  • 100,000 tonnes of fruit each year

Green Heart

With an impressive 700 KW photovoltaic plant implemented by a trigeneration plant with a production of 400 KW, Agricola
Gloria S.r.l. is constantly committed to the use of renewable energy, with full respect for the environment.

All the refrigeration systems are equipped with energy-saving systems (inverters) and all cells are highly insulated. But that’s not all, attention to the environment is constantly evolving with the purchase of a fleet of ‘Eco’ transport vehicles in order to save fuel and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


Ripening rooms

8000 square metres of roofed surface area and 42 ripening rooms for bananas for a total capacity of 65,000 cartons.

Certification BIO-CERT, BRC, IFS.

10 atmospherically controlled cold rooms and warehouses

Large storage cells of the latest generation height with pallet racking, organised warehouse and very efficient and fast.



Modern machinery for screening and packaging in various formats, adaptable and scalable to customer requirements.

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